Italian Olive Oil Soap Made in Italy

100% absolutely natural ingredients.

diAngelo, Italian Olive Oil Soap Made in Italy!

The best olive oil

found in the world is used in our soap bars, try it and you’ll agree! The Olive Oil we use to transform in soap bars is made with superior Italian olives and ecological farming methods. This artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth and buttery with a bold aroma, attesting to the high quality of its ingredients. This olive oil is never adulterated with other oils or contaminated with chemicals or preservatives (like all of our products).

* Smooth and buttery flavour
* No chemicals, preservatives or other oils
* Sustainably farmed for an unbeatable value

Packaged of the soap bars in Recycled paper, plastic-free.

Reasons to buy Italian Olive Oil Soaps

Italian Olive Oil Soap are the real Made in Italy and are affordable to every customer. It has a rich past, and we are known for using the best methods in creating them.

There are some reasons to buy our best Italian Olive Oil Soaps. First, they are made entirely with natural products. Second, our genuine Italian craftsmanship during the soap productions helps the soaps meet every various need of the market. Lastly, we all know how Italians are focused on the best quality, using cutting-edge technology and methods, for delivering the best result.

Soap making has a long history in Italy:
The ancient Romans used olive oil not only to wash themselves, but they also made soap for washing clothes. A soap factory was found at Pompeii, as archaeological finds seem to demonstrate. 

Besides Olive Oil, we also use the finest Coconut and Castor oil to make soap.

If you are looking for a bar of soap that leaves your skin clean and soft, then you are in the right place!

Our natural Italian olive oil and coconut oil soaps are long-lasting, naturally antibacterial and wonderfully moisturizing. You get no residue, no chemicals, and no artificial colors or preservatives commonly used in commercial soaps. We are sure you will love the way our natural soaps make your skin feel so clean and soft! Handmade in Rome, our soaps are made with the highest quality ingredients and we always tell you ALL the ingredients in our natural Italian olive oil soaps so you know what you are getting: high quality natural soap!

Hand cut into bars. We also like to make custom natural soaps for any occasion such as weddings and showers.

Cold Process soap.
Plastic-free and waste-free packaging.

All ingredients of our products respect the environment.